I don’t see any prices. How much do your cakes cost?

Please see the “Pricing” tab at the right side and top of the page. Prices start at $3.50 per slice.

What do you charge for set up and delivery?

Set up and delivery is something I personally do not charge for unless I am hired to deliver the cake outside of my immediate area.

Will you set the cake up?

Of course. You have better things to think about on your big day.

Can you copy a design from a magazine?

Yes I can, although I like to use these photos as inspiration taking several components from a few cakes and putting them together. Some brides come to me with a design they have their hearts set on. A talented Cake Designer should be able to construct a wedding cake from a single photo, or from a combination of photos. Please bring these photos along to our interview.

Do I have to pay a deposit? Why?

Most reputable Cake Designers require a deposit for 2 reasons. First, it guarantees that your event date is booked with the designer, and that you will receive a cake on your event date. Second, it ensures the designer that she/he has a legitimate sale.

Can I mix the flavours of my wedding cake?

Of course. Each tier of your wedding cake can be a different flavor. In fact, most of the cakes I do have at least two flavors – this way you can make all of your guests happy. Take a look at the “Pricing” page for further explanation.

I’ve seen a few wedding cakes that I like on your website. Can you mix wedding cake designs?

Yes. Any design shape or size can be combined to create a new wedding cake.

I like one of your wedding cakes, but I would like it in a different shape.

This is no problem. We can work together and design the wedding cake that is perfect for your day.

I want to use fresh flowers on my wedding cake, do I buy them from you?

Using fresh flowers on a wedding cake looks beautiful. Your florist will supply the flowers for the wedding cake and I will liaise with them to ensure everything is to your satisfaction. If you use fresh flowers and ribbon it will be a part of your florist’s invoice.

Do you use sugar flowers?

Yes, I love sugar flowers, they will last forever if they are taken care of correctly, once they are taken off your cake they can be wiped free of any icing and put behind a shadow box or in a vase. As long as they stay out of the humidity you will have a bouquet of flowers from your cake well into your golden wedding anniversary. They generally cost as much as putting fresh flowers on your cake and are custom colored and made just for you.

Can we taste the cakes?

Certainly. Please call to arrange a consultation and to let me know what flavors you are interested in. I do have an additional charge of $20 per tasting cake. Because all of the wedding cakes I create are custom designed I make each and every cake fresh for the bride and groom and often one slice just isn’t enough. When you order a tasting cake I make you a fresh a 6″ cake of your choice so you can have enough to go to all of the people helping you make the decisions with your wedding.

Do you supply wedding cake stands or bases?

Yes, I do have some silver, bronze and glass cake stands I rent for a fee of $35. Often your florist will have cake stands they can rent as well.

How far in advance do we need to order our wedding cake?

This really depends on the time of year that your wedding is taking place. The spring/fall months are very busy and I would advise booking at least six months in advance. It is always worth calling to see if I have a space as I only take two cakes per day.

Do I have to order one of the wedding cakes from your website?

No. All of the wedding cakes are individually and custom designed. You can certainly order a wedding cake from the website, but they are also there to provide you with inspiration. Please call me to discuss any ideas that you have for your wedding cake.

Steps to follow to ensure a perfect wedding cake experience:

* If you have a general idea of what style of cake you want when you meet with your cake designer–great– otherwise we can sit down together and design your cake from scratch.
* Bring any and all photos, swatches, notes, hopes and dreams with you to your first meeting. Be completely honest about what you really want. Don’t be shy.

* And finally, on your wedding day, relax and let me worry about your cake. After all, that’s what you hired me for!